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The basis (strain) for Lolke Jan Pilat is SEA (Search Engine Advertising). This channel is extremely suitable for obtaining quality visitors, orders and leads. SEA is a PULL way of advertising, where you can attract potential customers with a targeted offer to your website. SEA uses the actual search intent of people who search Google for a particular product or service. Search engine advertising with Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) makes it possible for a company to respond directly to the search query. For example, do you have a great promotion on a certain product or service? Or do you want to test which expressions work best among your target group? Then SEA can certainly help you further!

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Lolke Jan Pilat

In addition to search engine advertising with text ads, we can also use Google Shopping. Products are shown directly with price information. This way of advertising is therefore extremely suitable for obtaining orders.

Google Shopping is basically a price comparator. It is therefore important that the product offered is competitive. This means that the product is relatively competitively priced or is a unique offer compared to the competition.

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